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Road Test Package 


GOLD Plan - $108.70 +Tax 
VIP Plan - $137.39 +Tax
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Individual Private Driving Lessons with a Professional Driving Instructor prior to the test time (approximately1.5 hours)

✨Mock Test & Road-test Route

✨Vehicle for Road-test ✨Important Tips on passing the Road-test

Including road test pickup and drop-off in Access Nova Scotia and home ( Select Plan: Gold / VIP)

Prior to buying this package, students need undergo evaluation by our instructor


GOLD Plan - Included Pick Up Service and Drop off at NS Access

CAD 108.70 + TAX

= CAD 125 (tax Included)

VIP Plan - Included Pick Up & Drop Off Service at Home/ office/ school(specify location)

CAD 137.39 + TAX

= CAD 158 (Tax Included)

Payment methods:

◆Cash OR INTERAC e-Transfer (to )


What is the brief content of the Intensive Driving Practice & Road Test Preparation Package :

  • We offer 1.5 hours comprehensive driving practice session tailored to individual needs, including a mock road test with our expert instructors, prior to the actual road test day.

  • Including approximately 30 minutes for the Actual Road-Test at Access Nova Scotia using our commercially insured vehicle 

  • Complementary pickup is Included for your road test at Access Nova Scotia

  • Evaluate and improve your current driving skills

  • Provide tips and tricks to increase your chances of passing the test area on road test day.

  • Practice the road-test and conditions in Halifax, Sackville, or Dartmouth so you can demonstrate flawless driving ability on your road tests.

  • The mock driver test is given before the actual test and involves raising your driving skills on the day of the road test.

  • Prior to buying this package, students need undergo evaluation by our instructor.

When the Intensive Driving Practice & Road Test Preparation Package take place?

  •      It take place on the day of your practical driving test.


  • We recommend that you take a 1-on-1 private driving lesson with one of our certified driving instructors for an early assessment of your driving ability. 

  • You don't want to find out on the day of your driving test that you've made a lot of driving mistakes, which could end your road test.

  • Our certified instructors can let you know how many driving lessons you may need to take to prepare for your road test, so you can save money.

Road test Day Road Test Preparation Process 

  • One of our certified driving instructors will pick you up in the HRM, and we begin the driving session. The first hour will be in-vehicle road test practice,assessment and preparation with our instructor. After the practice drivers test, we head to Access Nova Scotia where an examiner will check the safety of our vehicle before taking the road test. Rest assured our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and safety inspections, so you can go ahead and take your practical drivers test.

The Nova Scotia road test takes approximately 30 minutes:

  • After the road test is complete and you pass. You will go to Access NS, provide your road test passing documents, and you will be issued a Nova Scotia Class 5 driver's license. At this moment, you will be able to begin driving in Halifax on your own without any supervision. After approximately 7 days, you will receive your Class 5 driver's license in the mail.

Did you know we offer a FREE Service to book your road test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Lower Sackville?

  • As driving instructors, we regularly call Access Nova Scotia to book Class 5 road tests for our students. We offer a FREE booking service to our students to the earliest road test date provided by the Access Nova Scotia offers.

The reason for you providing the road test reciept for us are because:

  • We offer a FREE service for our students to book road-test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville.

  • To ensure one of our driving instructors and vehicles are reserved for your road test & prevent any conflicts with other student’s appointment or road test. 

  • Access Nova Scotia does not provide any vehicles for you to do your road test in, you need to reserve your insured vehicle for the test.

What would you do if you already had a road test booked in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville? 

  • If you have already booked a road test appointment, please consider booking a 1-on-1 Driving Lesson with our professional instructors.

  • Our goal is to help you pass the road test on the first try and achieve it successfully.


A road test to book an Access NS costs $53 and there is a waiting period before you can schedule another road test. If you fail your road test, there is a minimum of 14-day break. In addition to this, you may have to wait an additional day before the road test is another opening again. 

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