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Complete Drivers Education Certificate Course
(New Driver Certificate

"Price $574 + Tax"

(*Spring Special Offer with $30 OFF Now, Limited quota*)

(Regular Price: $690) 

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✨25 hours Online Classroom Lessons (Asynchronous and online delivery)

✨10 Hours of One-on-one Private IN-Car Driving Lessons

✨Road-Test Preparation

✨Full Course Certificate ✨shortens the road-test time from 1 year to 9 months for no- experience learner drivers (Learner's Licensed Driver)

✨removing the letter "N" from your Nova Scotia Driver's license, eliminating the associated limitations. ✨Reduced vehicle insurance costs (Varying discounts offered by insurance companies)

✨Our online course can be translated into different languages as a supplementary to support your learning

The Benefits of taking The Complete Driver Education Course :

  1. Including a 25 hours online course and 10 hours 1-on-1 in-Car Training .The course will be delivered asynchronously online.

  2. Cut insurance costs .The course gives you an equivalent of 3 years’ experience for insurance purposes.

  3. Reduce the time required to get 5N License from 12 months to 9 months. Allows you to do a road-test in 9 months (instead of 1 year). Please click the following link for more information: Newly Licensed Driver's Licence

  4. This full course removes the “N” (Newly Licensed Driver) off your license. 

    • After 2 years to get an R license. After another 2 years to get a full class 5 license. Please click the following link for more information: Graduated Drivers Licence System

  5. Certificate of completion will be issued

  6. Includes the Defensive Driving course

  7. Learn proper techniques at the first time and avoid learning bad habits

Payment options:

(A1) One payment:

CAD 574 + 86 (Tax) = CAD 660 (Tax Included)

(A2) Two payments:

CAD 350 (Tax Included) - prior to the start of the Online Driving Theory Course ($304.35 + 45.65 Taxes)

CAD 315 (Tax Included) - prior to the 1st in-car lessons ($274.00 + 41.00 Taxes)

Payment methods:

◆ Cash OR INTERAC e-Transfer (to )


Part A: 25 hours of  Online Learning Course

  • A comprehensive education program will be delivered asynchronously online and complete the course on your own schedule at your own pace.

  • Students complete modules and quizzes independently

  • There will be no assigned class times

  • Technical support for online classes

Part B: 10 hours In-car training sessions (one-on-one)

  • One-on-one private in-car training for 5 sessions (2 hours/per sessions) with a certified instructor

  • In-car sessions include all topics and situations required by the Province of Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles.

  • Road test preparation

  • Safe learning environment with dual-brake vehicles

  • In-Car Training is scheduled at your convenience to work around your busy schedule

  • Flexible pickup for lessons and dropoff locations anywhere in the Halifax Regional Municipality (Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville)



  • You must have your Learner’s License with you. Text, email, or call to schedule.

  • Extra in-car training at a discount rate after the 10 hours at $55/hour (taxes included).

  • A certificate will be issued for the completion of the course after the two parts are finished and pass the course assessment test. 

  • Different pickup and drop off locations have to confirmed with the instructor before the lesson 

Course Outline

Review Online Course

  • Basic Vehicle component

  • Traffic Laws and Regulations 

  • Signs, Signals and Roadway Markings

  • Basic Maneuvers

  • Safe and defensive driving techniques

  • Safely approach and proceed through intersections. 

  • Adverse Driving Conditions

  • Winter Driving

  • Driver behaviour and responsibilities

  • Sharing the Roadway 

  • Alcohol and Drug

  • Handling Emergencies

  • Maintaining Your Vehicle 

  • Vehicle Purchase and Vehicle Insurance

  • Your driver’s license

Review In-car sessions

  • Essential Vehicle Operation and Control 

  • Basic Maneuvers

  • Natural Laws and Car Control

  • Understanding traffic signs, traffic signals, and traffic markings

  • Positive Driving Attitudes and Behaviors

  • Managing Risk with the IPDE Process

  • Safe following distance

  • Driving on urban/main roads

  • Driving on Highway

  • Country Driving 

  • Front in and back in parking

  • Parking on Level/Uphill/Downhill

  • Practice driving Skills in heavy traffic.

  • Proper speed for road conditions

  • Taking control of aggressive driving

  • Handling Emergencies

  • Safe and Responsible Response to Emergency Situations

  • Prepare for your driving test and road test simulation.

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